George Brown Google Sniper 3.0 Review

Google Sniper 3.0 was created by George Brown, and currently, it is the third installment in George’s original GSniper program. Essentially, Google Sniper 3.0 is designed to facilitate passive income through the implementation of several features that should ideally take advantage of search engine algorithms to achieve a high ranking in a relatively short period of time. This Google Sniper review is meant to provide unbiased perspective into what the program can offer novice and veteran online marketers alike. Play poker online at


Released in late 2009, the system was largely based on the SEO campaign experiences of George Brown
himself. In its earliest stages, the principles of the Google Sniper system were released as a segmented series of different education courses.

According to Brown, he was motivated to release the program after allegedly managing to bring in a regular passive income between the figures of $200 and $300 dollars a day. The third rendition of the originally released product was designed in the hopes of facilitating a program that could potentially exceed the initial success that drove Brown to conceive the first rendition of the product.

How does it work?

George Brown bills Google Sniper 3.0 as a way for webmasters to “hack their ranks” in the search engine listings by taking advantage of a host of innovative Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tricks of the trade under program’s guidance.

At its core, the program is composed of a series of information-sharing modules that collectively build up a training course. In total, there are 4 different modules comprising the training course as a whole:

Google Sniper Course

google sniper 3.0 review

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  • The Google Sniper Course
  • Sniper X Training
  • Sniper Cash Machine
  • Rolodex

The very first section is called the Google Sniper course. In this course, users are directed to navigate over to the members’ area and begin reading a “master manual” to get briefed on all general information pertaining to the course as a whole. The different sections of this course are as follows:

  • Welcome
  • The Master Manual
  • Seven Video Manuals
  • Stage Two: Bulletproofing
  • (Bonus Stage) Empire Module

Note: There is also an extra section that follows the fourth main section, “Additional Training”, meant for providing the user with all information considered by Brown to be complementary to all of the main information provided in the bulk of the main course.

Sniper X Training

The Sniper X Training section of the course provides the user with footage of various live webinars meant to share niche information from people that Brown considers to be experts in Internet marketing.

The information shared in the Sniper X section contains tidbits for solo advertising, traffic generation, social media campaigns, locally-based tactics, unique backlink building methods, media purchasing merits, experimental approaches to classic techniques, keyword choices, website flipping, and various case studies designed to increase the users’ general level of confidence with all information contained therein.

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The different sections of the Sniper X segment of the course are as follows:

Sniper Cash Machine

  • Sniper X Overview
  • New ‘X’ Training Videos
  • Coaching Webinar Replays

The next section of the course, Sniper Cash Machine, was one of the newer features implemented into the third version of GSniper. Sniper Cash Machine was designed for the benefit of internet marketers still relatively new to the game, and it aims to make their entry into marketing slightly easier by enlightening them on the value of low-budget starter campaigns.

Ideally, Internet marketers that don’t yet have the largest wealth of experience should still be able to take what they get from Sniper Cash Machine and figure out ways to build up momentum without having to sink countless hours into trial and error before seeing a return on their initial investment.

The Sniper Cash Machine appears to be mainly targeted at the promotion of reliable techniques for more successful social media campaigns, with the main source of profit primarily being from affiliate commissions. The different sections of the Sniper Cash Machine section are as follows:

  • Start the Machine
  • Main Strategies and Advanced
  • Sniper Partners Club
  • Questions and Contact

All in all, Brown provides four different niche strategies that are each designed to help new marketers make the best of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Brown offers a number of social media strategies that are not in and of themselves directly related to the GSnper format, but nevertheless, some users who are new to online marketing might still find the information relevant for short-term results.


The final section of the GSniper 3.0 program, Rolodex, is designed to get users up to speed with technical aspects surrounding the basics of concepts like affiliate networks, web hosting, tools and resources, and hubs for outsourcing.

A number of these tools are more or less well-known among users who have already invested a decent amount of time into learning about online marketing before picking up the program, but if someone is still relatively new to the concept as a whole, then the section can be relatively enlightening for them.

Additional Services

The basic services provided by the system are, for the most part, most valuable for users who need a comprehensive crash course in the fundamentals of getting online and making real money for the very first time.

There are a number of special “bonus” resources added to the main body of information contained in the course basics to help members take full advantage of any additional relevant information in the Internet marketing niche. The additional service are as follows:

Bi-Weekly Webinars and GS Support

  • Bi-Weekly Webinars
  • GS Support

Added to the most basic components of the program are a number of bi-weekly webinars intended to provide a more hands-on approach to training. The specialized webinars are supplemented by by a support desk for any specific questions not covered in the main content. The support desk is made up of a full staff of assistants meant to provide users with direct consultation if they get stumped by any concepts or run into any technical hiccups.

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Upgrades from previous versions

Compared to the older versions of GSniper, the the third rendition of the program has a slightly higher selection of informational videos. Users who are more receptive to visual learning techniques may find the higher amount of videos highly useful.

The lessons are generally designed to help users develop plans for flipping their initial profit margin into a larger passive income over time. In the best case scenario, users would not only be able establish an initial stream of passive income, but also figure out how to keep their ROI on a proportional upward slope towards large numbers.


To date, many people have used the system and its variations as a tool for potential generating a better online passive income system; naturally, the success rates of different people who have invested in the program have varied.

Users who already have a wealth of experience with online marketing are unlikely to take as much away from the program as newcomers can, though they may still appreciate the ability to have so many different perspectives from accredited professionals available to reference in a tightly-packed collection.


Taking into account the fact that users’ success with the program is contingent upon their personal goals, this Google Sniper review shouldn’t be taken as an absolute testimonial of assurance or denial of its efficacy.

In essence, the Google Sniper system is meant to be a one-stop shop for affiliate marketers and webmasters to get a better grasp on how to increase their average rate of success with CPA campaigns for any given niche. Users can learn about less-saturated approaches to increasing the visibility of their landing pages.

The information provided is satisfyingly comprehensive and concentrated, the lessons are presented in an organized manner, the support is responsive, and the content is diverse enough to reach most different marketing styles. It may not be a bulletproof resource for guaranteeing income, but for what it’s worth, it can serve as a valuable stepping stone into the more reliable techniques for generating passive online income.

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Important Update:

Does Google Sniper Still Work In 2017?

Okay, here’s what every wannabe affiliate marketer is dying to know: does Google Sniper Still Work in 2017?

Here’s the answer?

Can I be blunt?  The exact sniping blueprint George Brown has in the member’s area right now is extremely outdated.

It was highly effective in the past years.

However, the Big G has greatly evolved their algorithm over the years. Everything that used to work stopped working.

And some of the older tactics, today, in 2017, are likely to get your website slapped.

While the course still sells, I’m shocked that the original gangster of this system hasn’t taken the time to refresh his training to better reflect what works right now. When you go to the official website, you see an old video with outdated results. The stats George shows used to be like in 2010. The ClickBank has changed the way the stats show now.

Damn George, some of your videos are nearly 7 years old.

That’s crazy…

And for this reason, I can’t recommend you to buy this product.  Trust me, I’d like to.  That’s why I created THIS site in the first place – because I used to be a big fan and I knew I could make a ton of money promoting it…

… until I logged in just a few days ago (on Feb 10th, 2017) and realized George has completely neglected Google sniper and doing just list building… 😉

Now, being the honest marketer I am, I gotta tell it like it is.

‘Cause one thing’s for sure: using it as George currently describes in his course will not work in 2017.

If he makes an update, I’ll be the first to let you know.

But until he does, stay away.

And follow the CB Passive Income. This is the program I recommend. Click here to visit the official website.

I hope that you would’ve found my “Google Sniper Review” useful. Do you have any questions regarding the system? If you’ve, please feel free to contact us and I’ll surely get back to you!

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