Who Is George Montagu Brown?

Having taken the world of Internet Marketing by storm at a very young age with the release of his immensely popular Google Sniper course, it is fair to say George Brown is not your typical Guru. As a result he has attracted a lot of attention from the IM community as a whole, with many people wanting to know more about him, how he became successful and what his plans are for the future. In this article we will take a closer look at the man himself and give you the juicy details you really want to know!

Where George Is From And How He Became Successful!

George comes from England which, despite its great history, tends not to be as entrepreneurial as the USA. However, George certainly didn’t let this hold him back as he threw himself into the field of Internet Marketing at the tender age of only 17 and quickly established himself as a great success. His first main venture was creating little “micro” niche sites that typically would contain only 3-5 pages and ranking them for long tail keywords that had low competition and relatively high search volumes. This quickly allowed him to “rake in” a huge amount of cash in affiliate commissions which made him incredibly wealthy as a teenager.

George made a few crucially important “breakthroughs” regarding successfully creating and then ranking “micro” niche sites including fully understanding the power of exact match domains and realizing that you can rank highly without creating any back-links. These discoveries, along with several others, quickly gained him a reputation in the marketplace as a “mover and a shaker”. Thus Google “Sniper” was soon to be born!

By this time George, already a member of the Warrior Forum, decided to release his course as a WSO for a few short weeks. The results were incredible with massive numbers of sales generated and awesome feedback from hordes of satisfied customers. Encouraged by these early results George shut down the WSO and moved the offer over to Clickbank where hundreds of affiliates started to promote like crazy. George made the vitally important decision to invest in the services of highly renowned copywriter David Raybould to writer his killer sales letter. As a result, the copy converted like crazy and helped to create one of the biggest sellers ever on Clickbank. The rest is history and, by this time, George had already built his own Empire of niche sites plus created a Clickbank bestseller – pretty impressive for someone not even 20 years old!

What Makes George Different From The Other Gurus!

A lot of people have had a Clickbank product that sells like crazy but few have had sustained success like George, which has lasted for over 6 years. The reason for this is firstly that George’s techniques actually work; his customers make money if they apply his methods. Secondly, he has some of the most powerful marketing materials in the industry that convert like crazy for his affiliates. His built-in continuity program with high retention makes his affiliates a small fortune. Thirdly, he has been very quick to update his methods so that they stay effective even when there are updates to the industry, like Google Panda and Google Penguin. Lastly, George has a cool, laid-back personality which endears him to his followers and makes his teachings especially popular.

What Else Is There To Know About George?

Outside of Internet Marketing there is a range of activities and passions which George enjoys that makes his hard work totally worthwhile. These include flying, surfing, travel and kite-surfing.

He is currently based in Hong Kong, where he runs his business. This has a lot of advantages in terms of tax, accounting and the general process of running a business which may be why he chose it as a destination.

Alongside his flagship Google Sniper course (which is now onto version 3.0), George has also created several other training programs including Traffic Ultimatum and the Predator System.

Looking ahead, George has a wildly successful future ahead of him considering that at only 22 he already has created a multi-million dollar Internet Empire. No doubt he will continue to update his Google Sniper system and continue to help people start their online businesses. It is likely he will expand into other areas of Internet Marketing and look to make wise investments with the cash he has built up.

All in all, George Montagu Brown is a fascinating character with a lot to offer the Internet Marketing community. Keep an eye on him and his teachings both now and into the future!

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