Is Google Sniper a Scam?

Google Sniper is about setting up niche blogs to target keywords closely related to buying a product whether it is an info product on Clickbank or a physical product on Amazon. It is a power system to use especially when just starting out in the online affiliate marketing business.

But is Google Sniper a Scam?

I guess it really all depends on what you think is a scam. Whether or not an internet marketing course is a scam is based on one’s opinion. I personally don’t think George Brown’s Google Sniper is a scam.

Lots of people have found success. You can check out the testimonials on the George Brown’s sales page. He also says in one of his videos that over 50 snipers had success with his system that he knows of.

I am sure lots of people have found success including myself. So, whether you think it is a scam or not people have found success following the system inside. There are lots of approaches to take when it comes to affiliate marketing.

You don’t have to follow the Google Sniper system to make money online. You can go ahead and set up several niche blogs targeting different buying keywords. But then again you can take another approach.

Instead you can just focus on one blog. Target a buying keyword term in a niche market you are at least interested in. For example, let’s say you want to make money in the guitar lessons niche market. Then you could set up a WordPress blog targeting a buying keyword term like “online guitar lessons”.

You can follow the Google Sniper system at first and target different keywords in different niche markets you are interested in. Then pick one that seems to be ranking the highest in the Google results.

Then make a good review of a product related to the keyword with your sniper site. The key to making money with these sniper sites after ranking well in the top 3 Google results is to presell the visitors of your site.

This is a concept that George Brown goes over in-depth inside the Google Sniper manual. Basically you want to have a good honest review of whatever product it is you are promoting.

I personally like to actually buy the affiliate product I am promoting so that it is an honest review and it flows. I rather not scam people into buying a product if I truly did not like it.

Another thing about the Google Sniper 3.0 is that you should post your picture up on the side to build more trust with the visitors. That is the way to go. But lots of snipers post other peoples picture up.

Again, I would either post your own picture up or not even post a picture up at all.

So, to me Google Sniper is not really a scam as it has helped me better understand affiliate marketing. Like most make money online guides there will be buyers who think that it was a scam and simply not worth the money.

I would buy Google Sniper if you are really new to this whole concept of creating mini blogs to rank for buying keywords and make easy affiliate commissions. It is a great method for starting out as it will teach you about affiliate marketing in more depth.

Below is my latest earning stats:

I highly recommend this program, if you want to make a living online.

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