As I’ve said all over the site, I’m a proud affiliate partner for Google Sniper 3.0 by George Brown.

If you purchase from any of the links here on mygsniperreviews.com, I will receive a small commission.

Even though I’ve clearly bought the program (twice), implemented it, had awesome results and have even documented those results live for you…

… clearly, since I stand to profit from you buying Google Sniper, the potential for bias is there.

I’d never tell you sniping is easy or push-button simple.

It’s not.

The course can make you money, no doubt, but it WILL take work and discipline on your part.  Nothing worthwhile in life just falls into your lap.

So if you’re lazy, don’t even bother with the Google Sniper system.

And even if you’re hungry and willing to roll up your sleeves and put in the required work, there’s still no guarantee that you’ll ever be as successful as me.

How much you earn is up to you and that’s generally a direct reflection of your work ethic and all-around marketing savvy.

Any questions?

No worries, contact me here or leave a message anywhere on the site.

Thank you for peeping my disclaimer and I hope you appreciate the fact that I’m an affiliate who’s always operating an FTC compliant web-based business.

Your Six Figure Coach,